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   CAROLINA MACHINE ENGINES remanufactures, at our facility, HIGH QUALITY automotive stock replacement Cylinder Heads for most applications.

Heads are remanufactured on labor plus parts basis. For example, V8 and V6 OHV cast iron cylinder heads run $125.00 labor each. For "High Performance" applications, add $75.00 and for oversize valves add $85.00. Pressure testing and intake/exhaust side surfacing runs $25.00 extra for each operation. One way shipping is $25.00 for east of the Mississippi and $35.00 for west of the Mississippi. The basic head core can be supplied in many cases.

Each head is completely remanufactured using such equipment as the renowned SERDI seat and guide machine which produces an exact multi angle valve seat every time! The decks of each head are machined on a state of the art ROTTLER CBN surfacing machine, which makes a smooth flat surface every time!

Cast iron heads are magnetically checked for cracks and aluminum heads are pressure tested. We use HIGH QUALITY parts such as VITON seals, which are superior to the seals installed on many heads originally.

Since becoming a PER (PRODUCTION ENGINE REMANUFACTURER), we have learned that there is so much more to remanufacturing a Cylinder Head than we could have ever learned as a simple automotive machine shop. Our heads have proven themselves on the more than 50,000 engines that we have produced.

Each head is supplied with a 12 MONTH written warranty. We ship Nationwide. HIGH QUALITY remanufactured Cylinder Heads are rare, therefore for a superior Cylinder Head call, fax or email us to order yours.

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