Small Block 350 or 326 325/300 Lopey 9.5 #,o,y $4996 $4396 $1696
Small Block 350 or 326 350/326 Choppy 10.0 $,o,y $4996 $4396 $1696
Big Block 400 or 389 375/365 Lopey 9.5 #,o,u,v,y $4996 $4396 $1896
Big Block 400 or 389 400/389 Choppy 10.0 $,o,u,v,y $4996 $4396 $1896
Big Block 400 or 389 405/395 Lopey 9.5 #,a,u,v,y $6996 $6396 $1896
Big Block 400_or_389 425/415 Choppy 10.0 $,a,u,v,y $6996 $6396 $1896
Big Block 455 400 Lopey 9.5 #,o,u,v,y $4996 $4396 $1996
Big Block 455 425 Lopey 9.5 #,a,u,v,y $6996 $6396 $1996
Big Block 455 430 Choppy 10.0 #,o,u,v,y $4996 $4396 $1996
Big Block 455 455 Choppy 10.0 $,a,u,v,y $6996 $6396 $1996
Stroker 400 462 400 Lopey 9.5 #,7,o,u,v $6296 $5696 $2996
Stroker 400 462 425 Lopey 9.5 #,7,a,u,v $8296 $7696 $2996
Stroker400 462 430 Choppy 10.0 $,7,o,u,v $6296 $7696 $2996
Stroker 400 462 462 Choppy 10.0 $,7,a,u,v $8296 $7596 $2996
Stroker 455 495 420 Lopey 9.5 #,15,o,u,v $6296 $5696 $2996
Stroker 455 495 445 Choppy 10.0 $,15,o,u,v $6296 $5696 $2996
Stroker 455 495 455 Lopey 9.0 #,15,a,u,v $7996 $7396 $2996
Stroker_455 495 495 Choppy 10.0 $,15,a,u,v $8296 $7696 $2996
Big Block 400 or 389 350/340 Mild 9.25 ?,al,o,u,v,y $4996 $4396 $1896

Big Block

455 375 Mild 9.25 ?,al,o,u,v,y $4996 $4396 $1896
Stroker 400 462 380 Mild 9.25 ?,al,o,u,v,y $6296 $5696 $2996
Stroker 455 495 400 Mild 9.25 ?,al,o,u,v,y $6296 $5696 $2996
Small Block 350 or 326 300/280 Mild 9.25 ?,o,y $4996 $4396 $1696



Some engine prices include the core charge and some engine prices are based on using the purchasers engine core. We can almost always furnish the core when needed. The price of the core often depends on the market value at the time. See the particular engine's footnotes to see if cores charges apply, footnote u.

Aluminum heads and roller cam options are available on most engines. Most prices are for automatic transmission. Some crankshafts have to be modified or upgraded at extra cost for pilot bearing when used with stick transmission. See footnotes.

Optional three two barrel and two four barrel carb-intake setups are available for certain engines however the horsepower advertised can be less due to smaller carbs or intake runners.

?.....This is our true "Daily Driver" and cross country Performance engine.
        it also makes an excellent towing engine with its mild idle and high vacuum.
        If you are not hung up on the Classic Muscle Car idle sounds known as;
        Lopey, Lumpy, Choppy, Rough, Racy, Gallop, Bubbly, etc, then
        this may be the engine for you.

#.....This is our "Daily Driver" with a "Nice Muscle Car Idle". It will have
       good manifold vacuum, usually 14 inches or more. The stock exhaust
       and torque converter may be
used but performance versions are
       recommended for best performance. Although never recommended,
       87 octane gasoline may be used when the ignition timing curve is
       absolutely correct. This is the maximum camshaft recommended
       overdrive and lock up torque converter applications.

$.....This engine is our "Aggressive Daily Driver" with a "Great Muscle Car Idle".
       It has fair manifold vacuum. Usually around 9 to 11 inches which handles
       most vacuum operated accessories. However, it does require some extra
       torque converter stall to allow for a little higher idle required by the higher
       duration camshaft. Around 2000 to 2500 RPM stall is needed to realize the
       full performance potential of this engine.

!.....This engine is a weekend or occasional driver, NOT a daily or distance driver!
      Also, NOT recommended for use with overdrive or lock up
torque converter
      because it may have a rough or jerking motion at low RPM cruising! This
      engine has high compression and a "Big" camshaft!

ss....This engine is simply a toned down race engine with a little less
        compression and camshaft. This would be classified as a "Trailer
        Queen" to drive very, very little on the street!

a........Equipped with new standard port aluminum aftermarket performance heads.
al.......Aluminum heads available at extra cost. 15 to 30 horsepower gains
          are typical.

b........Equipped with CNC ported Aluminum heads.
bb......May be equipped with either 455, 428, or 400 block.
c........Add $175.00 for rear sump oil pan.
CR....."Custom Rebuild" only - Must use customers engine core.
d........Does not include magnum. Magnum engine available.
e........Equipped with Edelbrock heads. 
f.........Equipped with forged pistons, rods and crankshaft.
g........Add $2695.00 for "6 Pack", includes intake, carbs, and linkage.
h........Standard deck height block. Direct replacement fit for 396-454.
i.........Equipped with new cast iron high performance
aftermarket heads.
          Aluminum heads are
optional at extra cost.
j........Tall deck block which is the same as the GM 572. Hood clearance and
          header fit issues can occur.
k.......2 wheel drive. Oil pan, screen, & dipstick for 4WD is $395.00 extra.
m......351M/400 type engine.
mw....Max Wedge style heads. Check hood clearance.
.......All New engine.
o.......Equipped with reworked OEM heads.
p.......Equipped with forged pistons.
r........Equipped with Roller cam and lifters.
sb......Small Block
s.......Stroker engine.
t........Excellent towing and Motorhome engine.
td.....Tall deck block.
u.......Priced based on using customer's complete engine core.  We can  pick up
 your numbers matching engine or we can supply a core. Rare
         cores can take some time to find and may be expensive, often
pending on the market value at the time of purchase.

v.......Shortblock core is not available,must be furnished by purchaser.
w......Windsor type engine.
x...….Certain early or later model blocks are $100 to $500 extra.
y.......Price is for automatic trans. Crankshaft may have to be upgraded
modified for stick at extra cost.
z.......Add $175.00 for short sump oil pan for Chevelle, etc.

1.......440 "Stroker".
2.......Small Block aftermarket Siamese 4.125 bore block.
3.......Big Block aftermarket Siamese 4.500 bore Block.
4.......460 "Stroker".
5.......390 "Stroker".
6.......350 "Stroker".
7.......400 "Stroker".
8.......454 "Stroker".
9.......502 "Stroker".
10.....360 "Stroker".
11.....302 "Stroker".
12.....351W "Stroker".
14.....Ford 4.6 (281) 2 valve non phaser Modular engine.
15.....455 "Stroker"
16.....428 "Stroker.

Chrome and polished components. Aluminum heads. Roller cam. Forged pistons, chrome moly 4340 steel rods, and forged steel crankshaft.

Carburetor, distributor, coil, flywheel, starter, water pump, and fuel pump.


CAROLINA MACHINE ENGINES is an expert at extracting the most horsepower and producing the most dependable High Performance Pump Gas street engines available. We are able to do this because of our long time involvement in racing and performance street rodding 'and' because of our experience as a Production Engine Remanufacturer (PER).

Although we produce "high end" Performance and Race engines with expensive parts, we also produce more economical engines that use one or more of the stock OE parts such as block, crank, rods, heads, oil pan, etc. These engines can produce amazing horsepower and give good long service when "done right". We have the ability to accomplish this because of knowledge and experience gained from decades of racing under basically "stock" type rules and regulations of the various sanctioning organizations.

Our Performance Crate engines receive new high Quality internal components such as performance valves, forged or hypereutectic pistons(when available), moly rings, brass expansion plugs, premium rod and main bearings, cam bearings, pushrods, valve springs, rocker studs, hydraulic lifters, rocker arms, timing chain set, and a specially chosen and dyno proven performance camshaft, often of our design.


Many people make their engine choice based on the vacuum and idle characteristics of the engine. It can be absolutely critical to one's satisfaction to choose the correct idle type (cam size) for the engine. Most of us are happy with the sound and drivability of our "LOPEY" idle camshafts "BUT" some may find it too rough and some may find it not rough enough. Please put some thought into it!

For normal street use, we recommend either our "Mild, "Lopey", or "Choppy idle version engines. Our Mild idle has a hint of performance sound, good vacuum, and can be driven cross country. Our "Lopey" idle has a definitely noticeable performance sound and can be driven daily and short to medium trips. Our "Choppy" idle has the definitely performance "Chop" and can be driven daily but is not recommended for long trips or as primary daily drivers. Keep in mind that one horsepower per cubic inch is a good rule of thumb for a performance daily driver and the more horsepower per cubic inch, the less drivability. Also and maybe more importantly, larger cams sacrifice the lower RPM torque and horsepower. This lower RPM, 2000 to 4000, is where we mostly drive. This is where the fun and tire spin happens. Big cams make big power but are not as much fun for many of us.

"SMOOTH" idle is as smooth or almost as smooth as a stock OEM engine and has high manifold vacuum, 18 inches or more. These engines work well with the stock exhaust system and torque converter but all engines benefit from a good performance exhaust system and a higher stall torque converter. This is absolutely a true "Daily Driver" but more camshaft is needed for higher RPM power and the "Muscle Car" idle sound.

"MILD" idle can have a slight rumble and has very good manifold vacuum, 16 inches or more. These engines also work well with the stock exhaust system and torque converter. Again, a true "Daily Driver" with a hint of "Muscle" sound.

"LOPEY" idle is a well defined lope as in the lope or gallop of a horse, and will have good manifold vacuum, usually 14 inches or more. This is pretty much the "Muscle Car" idle of many cars of the 1960's and 1970's. These engines have the largest cam recommended for the stock torque convertor. They are the maximum in compression, camshaft size, intake manifold, and head runner volume recommended for every day driving and for using overdrive, and lock up torque converters. Although no true performance engine should be classified as a "cross country driver", this is as most cam and compression that we would recommend for occasional long distance driving. These engines make "Great Daily Drivers" that have a "Nice Muscle Car Idle".

"CHOPPY" idle is a very definite performance idle and will have a somewhat lower manifold vacuum, usually 10 to 12 inches. We recommend quality headers and a torque converter in the 2000 to 2500 RPM range. This is basically a rougher "Muscle Car" idle. They are daily drivers but not distance or primary drivers. We define these engines as our "Aggressive Daily Drivers" with a "Great Muscle Car Idle".

"ROUGH" idle is rougher than "Choppy" and is for those who really want the a super Hot Rod sound and higher peak horsepower numbers. Also, they must be willing to tolerate the down side of these type street engines. With the "Rough" idle cam, the vacuum will be under 10". Also this engine will need headers and performance exhaust system. A 2800 RPM or higher torque converter is recommended. A vacuum canister or electric vacuum pump may be necessary. This engine is not recommended for daily driving, overdrive transmissions, or lock up torque converters because it may have a rough or jerking motion at lower RPM cruising.

"VERY ROUGH IDLE STREET/STRIP" engines have a very high duration and lift camshaft and have a very rough "Hotrod" or race type idle. These engines are slightly toned downed race engines. They will have very low manifold vacuum, need performance exhaust, and a torque converter with a lot of stall. Very light street driving only and 100% racing gasoline is recommended when WOT is in use.

All vehicles will perform better upon acceleration with a performance torque converter. We can advise you and supply you with the correct torque converter.

Many of our engines receive new aftermarket cylinder heads which flow much better than the stock OEM heads, therefore increasing the horsepower output significantly. "Stroker" engines have a crankshaft with a longer piston stroke than original. Some engines are all "Brand New". See the footnote column for each engine.

Our "Complete Engines" include the oil pump, oil pump screen, oil pan, oil filter adapter, oil filter, dipstick, timing cover, balancer, valve covers, intake manifold, and spark plugs.

Engines are expertly machined, balanced, blueprinted, plate honed, line honed, decked, and sonic tested. Engines are then assembled by a highly capable technician and spin tested with heated break-in oil with the proper additives. The oil pressure, compression and oil circulation is carefully verified.

To remove the possibility of our valued customers experiencing problems with break-in or initial problems of any kind, we dynamometer test "EVERY SINGLE" complete version using comprehensive "break-in" procedures including the correct break-in motor oil and oil additives. The actual dyno sheet for that particular engine showing the horsepower and torque at various RPM points is provided with the engine, no copies! A dyno session is not a 30 minute assembly line job, it takes most of a day per engine to do the right kind of job. Also we break open the oil filter after dyno testing and inspect for debris to ensure that the engine is perfect internally. Finally the engine is pressure tested at the crankcase for oil leaks and then painted. When provided or purchased, the carburetor and distributor will be verified and tuned to the engine to ensure a 'no hassle' installation, just install, fire it up and it is ready to go! Carburetors and distributors are notorious for not allowing the best horsepower and drivability. They can make a good engine look bad. The dynamometer does not lie! Always have your engine dyno tested with the carb and ignition you will be using no matter who builds it!

We guarantee the quality, dependability, and accuracy of our engines. Some engines are not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles.

Smooth, Mild, Lopey, and Choppy Engines come with a 12 month-12,000 Mile written warranty. Rough idle engines carry a 90 day CME labor only warranty (purchaser pays for all parts). "Very Rough Street/Strip" engines have no warranty but have a 30 day CME labor only insurance policy (purchaser pays for all parts). For the best performing and Highest Quality crate engines available, please call, fax or email us for more information or to place your order.

CALL:   (800)-903-6446 (800-90-ENGINE)
FAX:      (803)-275-4582
EMAIL: sales@cmengines.com



CME POLICY NOTICE: Prices listed are subject to change without notice. —  For core refunds to apply, returned cores must be the exact same as the engine purchased and must be complete, assembled, and rebuildable. No rusty or "junkyard" cores. —  Please make sure that you have all quotes and other information in print (emails) as we do not accept verbal assertions. —  Performance, Custom, Special, etc engines often require six to twenty weeks or more to complete depending on the engine. We do not rush our engines. Please make your plans accordingly. We do NOT predict definite completion dates but you can send us emails anytime asking for updates on your project since we do not make routine calls or emails as such. —  Cancellations and refunds for deposits are allowed after six months if and only if CME has failed to complete the engine due to our issues. Delays caused by other reasons do not apply. Otherwise NO cancellations or refunds after ten days from the initial deposit. A 10% fee apples.  However cancellation and reimbursement of deposits may be considered after the engine is completed and sold elsewhere. A fee of up to 25% may be required and the six month cancellation clause is extended another six months for engine assembly. NO guarantee on time limit to sell the engine. —  Horsepower figures advertised may vary somewhat and also require that the user install the recommended performance parts and accessories such as carburetor, ignition system, and exhaust system for those figures to be accurate. —  Performance engines WILL be noisier than OEM stock engines especially when cold. This is due to centered pin pistons, extra clearances, and faster ramp lift camshafts! This cannot be avoided. These are not warranty issues. —  Requests for pictures or videos during the building process cannot be guaranteed! Also not guaranteed available are spec sheets, build sheets, etc. This information is time consuming to produce and some information is proprietary and not available at all. When available, such special requests can be at extra cost. —  Please read the detailed warranty supplied with your engine or request a copy at time of order. Note that there is NO provision for field labor and that this warranty is considered a contractual agreement between CME and the purchaser.