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Chevy 350 500 Race 11.0 afr,f,r $8496 $7796 $3996
Chevy 383 525 Race 11.0 afr,f,r,6 $8996 $8296 $4496
Chevy 427 575 Race 11.0 afr,f,n,r,7 $9996 $9296 $6496
Chevy 496 625 Race 11.0 afr,f,r,8 $9996 $9296 $4996
Chevy 540 650 Race 11.0 afr,f,h,n,r,s, $11,996 $11,896 $6996
Chevy 572 700 Race 11.0 afr,f,h,n,r,s, $11,996 $11,296 $6996
Chevy 632 800 Race 11.0 afr,f,n,r,s, $14,996 $14,296 $8996
Chrys 408 500 Race 11.0 a,f,r,4 $9996 $9696 $4496
Chrys 522 625 Race 11.0 a,f,r,1 $10996 $10496 $4996
Ford 302 450 Race 11.0 a,f,r $8496 $7696 $2996
Ford 347 500 Race 11.0 a,f,r,11 $9996 $9296 $3996
Ford 351 500 Race 11.0 a,f,r $8496 $7696 $2996
Ford 427 575 Race 11.0 a,f,r,n,s,w,12 $10,996 $10,296 $5996
Ford 460 600 Race 11.0 a,f,r $7996 $7396 $3996
Ford 545 650 Race 11.0 a,f,r,4 $9996 $9896 $4996



afr..........Air Flow Research heads.
a.............Equipped with aftermarket Aluminum heads.
b.............Equipped with CNC ported Aluminum heads.
e.............Equipped with Edelbrock aluminum heads.
f..............Equipped with forged pistons, rods and crankshaft.
h.............Standard deck height block. Direct replacement fit for 396-454.
n............All New engine.
p............Equipped with forged pistons.
r.............Equipped with Roller cam and lifters.
s............Stroker engine.
u............. 4.6 modular engine.
v.............Also available as 331 "Stroker".
w............Windsor type engine.
y.............Price is for automatic trans. Crankshaft may have to be upgraded
                or modified for stick at extra cost.
1............440 "Stroker".
2.............Aftermarket Siamese 4.125 bore Small Block.
3.............Aftermarket Siamese 4.500 bore Big Block.
4............460 "Stroker".
5............390 "Stroker".
6............350 "Stroker".
7............400 "Stroker".
8............454 "Stroker".
9............502 "Stroker".
10..........360 "Stroker".
11..........302 "Stroker".
12..........351W "Stroker".

Carburetor, distributor, spark plug wires, flywheel, and starter.


Our Street/Strip engines are almost exact duplicates of our Race engines except the compression ratio is lower and the camshaft is somewhat streetable. There are other changes also, such as ring tension and different valve seals, etc. Our Racing engines are the product of over 40 years of intense racing participation and experience. See the "About Us" page for more on CME Racing.

These engines are designed for racing with occasional street use. They are designed to make maximum horsepower above 4000 RPM, therefore horsepower and torque at 2000 to 4000 RPM will usually be less than our Performance Street engines of the same cubic inches. For maximum efficiency, they definitely need a performance torque converter with a stall of 3500 to 4500 RPM.

Our more economical engines start with seasoned choice core pieces including a block that is thoroughly inspected including sonic testing the thickness of the cylinder walls. Our high end engines are all new including the block, crankshaft and heads. Engines with a mixture of OE and new core pieces are produced also.

Regardless of which engine you choose, each one receives all new Quality internal components including brand name parts such as Federal Mogul, Clevite, Felpro, Victor, Dana, Melling, Perfect Circle, Comp Cams, Cloyes, Pioneer, Edelbrock, Manley, Lunati, Moroso, Mr. Gasket, Speed Pro, TRW and ATI.

Engines receive stainless steel valves, hypereutectic or forged pistons, moly rings, Clevite or Federal Mogul bearings, performance pushrods, lifters, valve springs, rocker studs, roller rocker arms, roller timing set, and our special grind solid lifter camshaft with well over .500" lift. Hydraulic camshaft and lifters are an option but is not recommended, because hydraulic lifters can leak down or pump up at higher RPM and cause damage.

Every engine is expertly machined, balanced, blueprinted, plate honed, line honed, decked, and sonic tested. They are then assembled by a highly capable technician. Longblocks are spin tested to check oil pressure, compression, and oil circulation.

Our Complete engines include the oil pump, oil pump screen, oil pump shaft, oil pan, oil filter, oil filter adapter, dipstick, timing cover, balancer, valve covers, intake manifold, and spark plugs. Completes are also dynamometer tested using comprehensive "break-in" procedures. The actual dyno printout sheet for that particular engine showing the horsepower and torque at various RPM points is provided with the engine.

Our horsepower figures are as honest as possible. Dynamometers can be calibrated incorrectly either accidentally or purposely. We guarantee the Quality, Dependability, and Accuracy of our engines with a written warranty which we religiously stand behind.

Almost no engine builder warrants a racing engine because no one can predict parts failure for high stress use. Therefore we feel that our 90 day Street/Strip racing engine warranty shows our dedication to our customers. CME will repair the engine at no charge for our labor and the purchaser pays only for the parts used in the repair. This warranty applies to complete and dyno tested engines only. These engines are not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles.

For the best Street/Strip Racing engines available, call, fax or email us today for more information or to place your order.

CALL:         (800)-903-6446 (800-90-ENGINE)
FAX:           (803)-275-4582

NOTICE: Prices listed are subject to change without notice. Exchanged cores must be the exact same as the engine purchased and must be complete, assembled, and rebuildable. No rusty or junkyard cores. Deposits made on Performance, special, or custom jobs are non refundable after the job has begun! Performance and non routine engines can require six weeks to several months to complete depending on the engine. Please do expect definite completion ETA dates. We do not rush our engines. If you have a hard deadline, we may not be able to help you. When your job is in progress, we ask that you send us an email anytime asking for an update since we cannot routinely send emails or make phone calls. Also make sure that you have all quotes and other information in print as we do not recognize verbal claims. Horsepower figures mentioned require that the user install the recommended performance parts and accessories such as carburetor, ignition system, and exhaust system for those figures to be accurate! Performance engines WILL be noisier than OEM stock engines especially when cold. This is due to centered pin pistons, extra clearances, and faster ramp lift camshafts! This cannot be avoided. Requests for pictures or videos during the building process cannot be guaranteed! Special requests can be extra cost.