CAROLINA MACHINE ENGINES is a professional automotive engine Builder employing dozens of highly trained and motivated craftsmen, technicians and other personnel. Many of which are experts in the automotive field totaling hundreds of years of experience.

We are what is known in our industry as a PER, Production Engine Remanufacturer, of which few remain in operation. Being a PER means that we are capable of producing thousands of engines each year.

We are a first generation business with working owners on the premises. We pride ourselves on our Quality, our perfectionist attitude, our attention to detail, our Honesty and our dedication to taking care of our customers before and after the sale. We emphasize on producing the highest Quality products EVERYTIME. Our Performance engines are the highest quality available.

In addition to remanufacturing every day stock replacement OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) engines, we produce engines for Marine and Pump Gas Street Performance motors. We remanufacture cylinder heads and crankshafts. We sell engine parts for stock replacement and performance. Also we perform normal custom machining operations as well as performance machine work.

Our credentials and credibility are unsurpassed. The Quality, dependability and accuracy of our engines are derived from the vast experience gained from the production of over 60,000 engines since 1984 and 50 years of intense involvement in racing and street performance. For an engine builder, successful involvement in racing teaches the importance of attention to detail, organization, cleanliness, and a host of other priceless lessons not learned from everyday business involvement. We believe it is impossible to reach our level of achievement without having acquired this experience.

Before the CME race team retired, we participated regularly at national and divisional events held by the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) and the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA), where we have garnered two NHRA World Championships, fourteen NHRA National titles and five NHRA divisional championships. This has been accomplished in the very competitive eliminators of Super Stock and Competition Eliminator (Comp). Also numerous divisional eliminator wins, Class titles and national records. Our customers can be assured of our competence.

We are very fortunate to have acquired this experience because many businesses have failed in this industry because of the lack of Quality, dependability, and good customer relations.

We have good prices, because we sell "Factory Direct". There is no middleman.  Many businesses in this industry use  a dealer network, therefore they may not be able to sell direct or must sell at retail. Our products offer value with exceptional quality. Our customers can rest assured that they have purchased a quality product at a fair price. We are a "Better Business Bureau" accredited business, A+ rated, their highest rating.

Our customers can contact us anytime including after a purchase. They can be assured of getting satisfactory answers and the help they need or they can contact us by mail or email and reach the leadership of CME.

We guarantee in writing to our customers the Quality, Dependability, and accuracy of our engines and other products. Call, fax or email us today for information or to place your order.

CALL:        (800)-903-6446  (800-90-ENGINE)
FAX:          (803)-275-4582